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Save a lot of time and money looking for a reliable and suitable tenant or buyer for your home. Hestiva.nl is visited monthly by more than 100,000 home seekers. As a newcomer in the housing platform market, we aim for the largest market share of home seekers in the Netherlands. We do this by implementing a new revenue model.

Do you have a single house for rent or sale? You can immediately start placing an ad. Below we explain how we work in three steps:


Create an ad. Fill in all the information you have, upload photos and select the correct address. You can choose to hide the house number.

Hestiva | free housing platform

When your ad is ready, we will check it and if approved, the ad will be placed online.

Hestiva | free housing platform

Connect with verified tenants or buyers.

Hestiva | free housing platform
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A free housing platform? Yes really! At Hestiva we believe that we can identify the total housing market with the right effort and working method. Where other housing platforms charge users for money, we implement a different revenue model. Hestiva is completely free to use because we have a large reach due to the high visitor numbers and earn money by advertising for companies. In this way, the users of the platform are really helped instead of just the platform itself.

Hestiva | free to use