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Westzeedijk 501


Looking for an loft with a spacious home office? Look no further! This apartment with home office offers the best of both worlds, with the work space divided into two separate units –see how you can best utilize the space for your business! The loft receives plenty of natural daylight from the skylights. In combination with the large windows. In addition to the plentiful workspace, the apartment has a beautiful living space, free and open for your own design. The loggia looks towards the beautiful and bright atriumand has a shared balcony. On the second floor you can find a full bathroom with a separate toilet and two bedrooms, with plenty space for storage. In the atelier there is enough space for an office, work space, or even an at home cinema! Don’t want to receive your clients in your own house? No worries, the atelier also consists a small kitchen, a separate front door and two separate toilets!

- Located on the ground floor.
- Has a view on the beautiful Atrium.
- Is divided on two floors.
- Has a shared balcony in the Atrium.
- High Ceiling of +/- 4m.

The apartment is included with:
- Kitchen with an induction cooking plate, dishwasher, refrigerator, and separate freezer
- Fitting of floor, walls and curtains rails
- Connecting point for laundry machines
- Utilities (cable TV, cable internet)
- You need to apply for your own electricity, city heating, water, supply your own furniture, and provide your own lighting!

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  • 2 W.C.
  • 228 Totale ruimte
  • 1 Badkamer
  • 2 Kamers
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